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SPT Bonding Tools

We are the UK and Ireland agents for Small Precision Tools (SPT). We can supply die pickup tools, wire bonding wedges, wire bonding capillaries, EFO wands, epoxy stamping and dispensing nozzles, capillary unplugging wires, ribbon wire bonding tools, TAB and Waffle bonding tools, die collets for active face die, peripheral edge pickup tools and a wide range of custom solutions is also available.

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SPT Die Pickup Tools:

Whether you are picking up small SMD devices to active face die with air bridges, SPT can provide a solution for all your die bonding needs. SPT have solutions that work with nearly all die bonder manufacturers and can even fabricate special/custom solutions.

Die Pickup Tools Overview
CT Conical Die Pickup Tools
2151-CT Threaded Replaceable Conical Tip Pickup Tools
RT Rectangular Pickup Tips
RTR/HRTR Rectangular Rubber Pickup Tips
RPCT Replaceable Plastic Pickup Tools
FCTR/PCTR Pure Conical Tip Rubber Pickup Tools
RTR-D2/RTR-D3 Fragile Die Pickup Tools
2 Sided Die Collets
4 Sided Die Collets
PL Peripheral Edge Die Collets
SC & HSC Suction Cup Pickup Tools
ST Silicone Tip Pickup Tools
Special / Custom Die Pickup Tools
Available Shank Styles and Tip Holders

SPT Epoxy Stamping Tools:

Epoxy stamping uses a patterned surface to transfer a calculated quantity of adhesive, solder paste or viscous material. This can be in the shape of a grid, round, rectangular or even star shaped pattern depending on the application, the nature of the material being transferred and the size and area of the desired transfer point.

Epoxy Stanping Tools

SPT Epoxy Dispensing Nozzles:

Epoxy dispensing needles are used with either manual or automated positive pressure displacement dispensing systems. Designed to control the area of the material being dispensed, SPT offer a wide range of nozzles to accommodate most dispensing applications.

Epoxy Dispensing Nozzles

SPT Push Up Needles:

Push up needles, designed to be used in die eject systems for removing die and components mounted to a backing tape.

PUN - Push Up Needles

SPT Capillaries:

Wire bonding capillaries used to connect the internal circuitry in die and semiconductors to the external world. Normally the fine wire that ranges in size from 18 to 33 microns in diameter is gold or increasingly these days, copper wire. SPT uses a high density alumina ceramic material for their bonding capillaries and a Zirconia composite (AZ) material for ultra fine pitch applications.

Wire Bonding Capillary Tool Overview
UT Non-fine Pitch Capillaries
QFN Package Copper and Gold Wire Bonding Capillaries
SU Copper Wire bonding Capillary
SI Enhanced Stitch Bondability
PI Advanced Bonding Application Capillaries
AZR Long Life Material for CU Wire Bonding
Infinity 3X Long Life Tools
BSOB Ball Stitch On Ball Capillaries
SBB Stud Ball Bumping Capillaries
Special Capillary Taper Designs
CUW Capillary Unplugging Wire
EFO Wands
Capillary Bonding Window Clamps and Heater Blocks

SPT Bonding Wedges:

Ultrasonic bonding wedges have been used in the semiconductor industry for a long time. The aluminium or gold wire used is ultrasonically welded between the semiconductor chip to the external package or IC leads with a fine wire that is typically between 13 to 75 microns in diameter. Tools are made from Titanium Carbide, Tungsten Carbide or related materials.

FP Fine Pitch Series Bonding Wedge
UT Universal Bonding Wedge
COB Chip-on-board Bonding Wedges
ABT Autobonding Tool Bonding Wedges
Slimline Notch Bonding Wedges
Microwave Bonding Wedges
Ribbon Wire Bonding Wedges
Double X Groove Single point TAB Bonding Tools (7000/7100)
Double X Groove Single Point-TAB Tools (7500/7600)
Waffle Foot TAB Bonding Wedge (7045/7145)
Side Wire Bonding Wedge (1008A)
Insulated Wire Bonding Wedge (XGR)
Thermocompression Bonder Needles (PF)
Large Wire No-Hole Inline U-Groove Tools (CK)
Large Wire No-Hole Inline V-Groove (CKVD)
Large Wire No-Hole Inline V-Groove (LWD6)
Orthodyne Style Inline V-Groove (OSG7)
Back Bonding Wedge (1001/1002/1110)
Large Wire 45° Feed Hole Inline V-Groove (45CK)
Inline Groove Autobonding Tool (AB16)
Inline Groove Notch Tool (3016/4516)
Hole Inline V-Groove (30D6/45D6/60D6)
Inline U/V-Groove (1015A/2015A/1016A/2016A)
Microloy Osmium-Carbide Alloy

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