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Epak Electronics Ltd supply a wide range of products used in manufacturing in the electronics, medical, aerospace, research, museums, military and printing industries throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Update: 24.03.2020

We are currently working with minimal staff in the office as we implement recommended social distancing and protections for all our employees. We ask for your patience as we work through this challenging period. As many of our customers work in defence, aerospace, communications, medical, and research and development fields we want to assure you that we will continue to supply and provide support to keep your business running.

We are open and will continue to receive and ship orders at this time. We are happy to answer any questions by email.

If you have any concerns about current orders, please reach out to our 'Current Orders' email address:

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

We supply a wide range of products which includes high specification thin film and thick film chip resistors for military, space, medical and telecommunications industries, glass wall and metal hybrid packages, specialist adhesives and epoxies and thermal greases for the aerospace and electronics industry, CO2 cleaning systems, micro-abrasive systems for surface preparation cleaning and rework, soldering test systems and lead dipping soldering equipment, dispensing equipment and a range of die bonding tools, capillaries and wire bonding wedges. In addition, we have a wide range of UV equipment that covers everything from UV monitoring and testing, to safety filters and cure chambers to UV replacement lamps and parts.

Epak Electronics Ltd are a manufacturers representative. We carry out sales, installation and servicing all our products. We also offer support and technical backup.

In addition to supporting our suppliers equipment, we also undertake custom automation projects to automate production or manufacturing based around some of the equipment we supply.

Production equipment including micro abrasive blast equipment, soldering machines, steam aging test equipment, radiometers for UV measurement, C02 Spray Cleaning Equipment.

We have a range of high reliability chip resistors, networks, attenuators and MOS chip capacitors and electronic packages from MSI.

Wire bonding tools, bonding capillaries, die pickup tools, epoxy dispensing and stamping tools and bonder accessories.

UV Equipment, UV Filters, UV Measurement Labels and Radiometers, UV Cure Chamber, UV Lamps, Spot Cure Lamps, Ink Coating and Printing Supplies, Drawdowns, Ink Proofing, Spatulas, Scrapers and Ink Knives

Abrasive Blast Equipment
Anti-static Products
Anti-static Storage Cabinets
Bonding Tools & Capillaries
C02 Cleaning Systems
Custom Equipment
Dispensing Equipment
Dust Extraction
Epoxies & Adhesives
Hybrid Packages
Resistors & Components
Printing & Ink Equipment
Spatulas, Ink Knives & Scrapers
Soldering Equipment
Steam Agers
Substrate & Mask Alignment
UV Lamps
UV Filters & Eye Protection
Dyne Pens
Test & Measurement Equipment
UV Cure Chambers
UV Spot Cure Gun
UV Equipment
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